Who Use Penta File Manager ?
Penta File Manager: Your "Data Keeper"!

Penta File Manager is among the most secure multi-user web-based file managers available on the Internet. This top of the drawer software has been designed to be installed on your existing web server; it will allow you to store, manage and share data in every format of digital media--documents, images, audio, video, publishing layouts, presentations and PDF files-- between you and your end users.

Why should I use Penta File Manager?

Every company needs to distribute or share files with its clients, remote workers or within the company itself. For all such purposes, Penta File Manager - will be the best solution for you.

Penta File Manager supports the storage and distribution of any file, of any type; it can be installed on your server within 10 minutes. Once installed on your existing server, things are easy for you. Secure user accounts with individual user permissions, permitting access to specific file locations, can be created then. Your end users can remotely access your documents from anywhere in the world 24/7 from then on!

It's that simple!

Secure your data with Penta File Manager today !