Who Use Penta File Manager ?
Features Overview

Penta File Manager is a simple, but sophisticated tool that allows you to securely store, manage and share files of every format of digital media, from documents to PDF files and from images to video, between you and your end users.

This software can be installed on your existing web server very fast. You can set up secure, individual user accounts in seconds: your authorized users can have quick and easy access to your documents 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world via Internet.

Penta File Manager acts as a Digital Storehouse. It will help you to organize and categorize all of your company documents-- by department, customer name, project, workgroup etc--into centrally located folders or sub folders easily. All uploaded documents can then be quickly located through familiar folder structures or via the built-in search facility.

Just imagine the benefits of having all the information you need at your fingertips! Your management team have access to centralized, up-to-the-minute information; your sales representatives have detailed latest pricing structures, sales proposals or information on your clients across the globe in real time! Imagine how that will impact on the productivity in your company!

  How does Penta File Manager work?

When Penta File Manager is installed on your server, it creates the "Clients" folder. It acts as the main holding folder for all of the user accounts and user files.

The File Manager runs in two modes:

Admin and User.

In Admin mode, you will be able to access all user account folders and files. You will have the full array of user rights and can also access the Client Manager to add, remove or edit user accounts and setup groups and shared folders.

In User mode, users can only access the main directory folder allocated to them (excluding Shared Folders). Users cannot go up a level and access files and folders in other user accounts, only down a level into other sub folders. However, although the user can be accessing the same folder used in some cases by more than one user, each user can have individual user rights to that folder. For example, allow download and preview, but disallow upload and delete. Any function not allowed for a particular user will see the corresponding function icon removed from the user’s taskbar.

  It’s simple, user-friendly

A beautiful interface coupled with simple ergonomic controls has always been the strong point of the File Manager.

But, never think for a moment that it's just about good looks. Underneath the stylish exterior, Penta File Manager Version 1.5 is an incredibly powerful system with several new features and improvements. Administration of your files has never been this easier!

  Share your files 24/7 without a worry!

As we said earlier, Penta File Manager allows you to setup secure, individual user accounts. Once created, these accounts will allow your remote users to access their own private area within the File Manager, and they can view and download the documents and files you have made available to them.

  Add (Upload) and Remove (Download)

Penta File Manager's built-in upload function is split into two modes.

When in the default "Upload" mode, you can upload and store up to 10 files at one go and add an individual description against each file.

The inclusion of an upload progress bar when used on a Linux server is an added improvement in the new PFM. It will display the uploading file size, percentage of file transfer progress and transfer speed. But, the upload window does not display the upload progress when used on a Windows server.

In the "Flash Upload" mode, you can select multiple files or the contents of whole folders and upload them onto the File Manager. The functions support CTRL + A to select all files or by holding CTRL to select multiple files.

An upload progress bar is included in the Flash Upload function, which is available to users on all server types.

“Save to Zip" function enables download of multiple files and folders. This allows you to compress multiple files to .zip prior to downloading.

  Live Preview

An incredible 91 of the most popular file formats can be previewed live on your server in Penta File Manager! That is, you can get quick access to your documents and view them without wasting time on saving each file to your desktop before viewing.

  Automatic Email Notification

Penta File Manager allows the administrator to receive an automated email confirmation containing file name(s) and description(s) of all files either uploaded or downloaded by users from their accounts.

Similarly, a "Welcome" email to every new user you register in the Client Manager, confirming the login details, can be sent automatically.

  Notes Facility

The Notes function allows you to easily annotate any file or folders. You can attach non-permanent notes or "comments" to any file or folder and thus can share and communicate ideas to other users or can keep a log of any changes made to the files by specific users.

Notes function can also be used to add Keywords or Tags to files or folders so that users can locate them using the Search function.

  Search Facility

Important files or folders can be located with the built-in Search facility.

The Search function can also be used to locate Keywords or Tags added to files or folders by users.

  Compress and Archive

The built-in "Pack" feature allows you to Compress and Archive your files. This will compress multiple files and folders to .tar.gz format. These files can then be extracted using the "Un-Pack" feature.

  Move, Copy, Create New Folders and Rename

Your files and folders can be managed easily using the Move, Copy, Rename and Create New Folder (MkDir) functions.

New folders can be created and folder descriptions added to identify important folders.

The Move and Copy functions dynamically update to allow you to move files and folders to existing directories via the common tree menu.


A unique external link to a specific file stored within Penta File Manager can be created through the Hotlink function. This will enable anyone to access the file without a username or password. This is ideal for posting links in forums or posting pictures on e-Bay or in your blog.

Another feature of the Hotlink function is its Social Networks’ support. It will help you to easily distribute and share your chosen files to your favourite Social Networking sites such as:

  • del.icio.us
  • Google
  • Digg
  • Technorati
  • ma.gnolia
  • Furl
  • BlinkList
  • StumbleUpon
  • Newsvine
  • Tailrank
  • Yahoo! My Web
  • Blogmarks
  • FaceBook
  • reddit
  • NowPublic

  Multi-User Accounts With Individual Privileges

Penta File Manager V1.5 comes as standard alongwith Penta Client Manager 1.2. This powerful Client Management solution allows you to manage all your users from one central location easily.

Can quickly create secure new user accounts and set individual account permissions.

Can specify which functions are available to which users, adjust user disk space quotas, set account expiry date and configure which file types users are permitted to upload.

Customizable "Welcome Email" can be sent to every user account you create.

Penta File Manager v1.5 supports Shared Folder and Group Access.

Can easily setup and manage groups of users with individual shared folders.

Shared folders can be assigned to multiple groups and can also be setup to have individual rights (e.g. Allow Download, Preview, Hotlink, Disallow Upload and Delete), based on the groups they are assigned to.

Groups can also be configured to have individual banned file formats, in addition to the default banned file formats assigned to each user.

Group Administrator can receive an automated email confirmation containing the details of all files uploaded into the shared folders assigned to the groups.

If the File Manager Administrator uploads files into a group folder, then all members of the group will receive automated email confirmation notifying them of the new files in the shared folder.

  Monitoring User Activity

Previous versions of Penta File Manager had the add-on Penta Log Viewer v1.0

Penta Log Viewer incorporated into Penta Client Manager will allow you to quickly and easily monitor the User and Admin Activity and Error logs generated by Penta File Manager.

The Log displays the date and time when an action was performed, which user performed the action and additional details if any, regarding the action.

Search function allows you to search for all actions performed by a chosen user.

  Supports Secure SSL (HTTPS) Access

Penta File Manager has been designed to run under the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with encryption keys of any length.